Demolition By Neglect

Debate Continues on Fate of Historic Waterfront Building
Cascadia Weekly

“The Port of Bellingham’s resolve to tear down the historic Granary Building on Roeder Avenue will undergo new scrutiny at Bellingham City Hall. Council Member Jack Weiss says he’ll draft a resolution urging the port to consider what adaptive reuse might be feasible for the building. Weiss’s resolution asks the port to send out “Request for Proposal” letters to potential developers. The RFP officially asks firms in the rehabilitation business to bring their Granary ideas to the port, whose managers have talked informally to developers about the building, but have not sent RFPs.

Bellingham City Council can’t bind the port to any specific action, but Weiss says his resolution will serve to remind Port Commissioners that waterfront redevelopment is a partnership between the port and the city, a relationship that seems at times to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, port staff and administrators have made public their vision of the Granary’s future by the way they’re taking care of it. Of six exposed windows in the lower section of the building,  four are broken…” Read more


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